Being a young adult had many ups and downs. Among the benefits are freedom and lack of obligation to anyone in particular, your money is your own, nobody is standing over your back. Among the disadvantages are similar, sometimes less people depending on you leading toward isolation, your money is all gone to bills, if you mess up, get tired and want to quit there really isn’t anybody who can make you get back up and carry on.
Yet with the benefits and disadvantages, young adulthood leads a slow but steady progression toward various areas of maturity, by experience or by necessity. For the last few weeks I have been seeing three areas of life which I have seen the slow progression toward more maturity.

Area One: Practical Maturity
Encompassing basic survival, this area is a no brainer for the young adult living on their own. It comprises of managing finances, holding jobs, paying bills, household maintenance and the fun stuff like cleaning more than once every six months, and so on. Given time, these things are very easy to figure out, as the consequences of neglect can be rather notable; having no money, needing to find a new job, services get shut off, the house starts smelling strange,and so on.

Practical maturity produces an individual capable of maintaining their financial, physical, and logistical responsibilities.

Area Two: Emotional Maturity / Stability
Moving through life, various relationships of various natures begin to surface in the post-college, early career phase in life. We learn to value good friendships, hopefully learning to limit our exposure to those who do not build us up. Additionally, there is the increasing consciousness toward finding a future spouse and companion. At some point, we learn that relationships are not about drama and playing games, and that they actively shape who we are becoming. It is a time of increasing self-awareness, a time to address past hurt and emotional trauma in order to prevent it from consuming who we are. Left unattended, the issues which surface hold the potential to damage our long term personality. The act of overcoming self-doubt, trauma, and other debilitating situations can be entirely pivotal in determining if and when an individual either matures emotionally, or becomes flat out dysfunctional.

Emotional maturity produces a stable minded individual, capable of maintaining healthy relationships.

Area Three: Spiritual Maturity
From the three areas, the area of spiritual maturity is by far the most commonly overlooked and most easily neglected, yet of utmost importance. At this time we go through major life changes, moving,switching churches, taking new jobs, moving out on our own, going to school, the list goes on. Any number of these life events can limit, strain, or complete any or all spiritual leadership, authority, and accountability we have in our lives. Ultimately, the only authority that remains is that which we submit ourselves unto. During a time in which nobody can make you attend church, pray, fast, or read the word, it is regrettably common for young adults to neglect one discipline after another, leading toward inevitable spiritual depravity and ruin. It is only by conscious effort, a determination to persevere, and the grace of God that we survive, and grow in our spiritual walk. However, in the midst of all these dangers and obstacles, there is yet a glimpse of hope and beauty through it all. In recognizing the dangers, addressing the weaknesses, and maintaining the fight, a true walk with God, and a firm resolve is to be attained. No longer are we dependent upon the relationship with God that our parents, mentors, or others have, but we learn who we are and have a firm, established walk of our own, resilient against the tremors in life produced by the failings of others.

In my own life I have seen this type of fruit borne over a period of several years. I can stand, knowing my faith has been tried and tested, that I have gone over spiritual mountains, I have crossed spiritual deserts and valleys, yet in the end I can stand strong and know that through it all, through the weaknesses and failings, I have an established walk with God.

James 5:8
Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

Spiritual maturity produces an individual with a deep, established walk with God, dependent upon no outside influences.

Young adulthood is a phase of life during which we encounter countless life changing events, each of which has the potential of influencing our level of maturity in any of three areas. Ultimately, it is our choices and our decisioon to allow these events to shape us and mold us into a stable, mature individual, capable of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.