Most Used Andoid Applications

This is a compilation of the most frequently used android applications. I have a HTC Evo (Sprint) as well as an ASUS Transformer ,(wifi) and my goal is to have ease of use with mobile technology. Nearly all of this software is run on both devices, and much of it is installed with the goal of synchronizing data between my two devices, as well as keeping backups of all data in the cloud in the case that any of my devices ever are lost, destroyed, etc. To this date I can start with a completely blank device and within half an hour of configuration have all my data set up again.


ES File Explorer
I use this over wifi to stream videos, it supports most formats just fine.

MX Video Player
This actually plays the videos, plus has great intuitive onscreen controls. (slide up/down on the right side for volume, left for brightness, and left/right to seek)

While I don’t use it extensively, Evernote is a great note taking application. The android client allows you to write notes which are saved to your account and kept in sync between devices. I generally use this the most on my tablet to keep track of songs when I am playing for a church service. (It also provides a good reference point if I want to remember what songs I played 3 weeks ago) I also often copy the lyrics and/or chords to songs into evernote (either from tablet or computer) for easy reference at a later time.


While I don’t use this extensively it’s very useful when I need to access the files in my dropbox account. The only downside is that it does not support automatic synchronization. If that’s what you are looking for, look at DropSync below.

This provides automatic synchronization with dropbox since the dropbox app only supports sync on request.
I use this to keep my photos folder in sync with dropbox and my two devices, that way I can take a picture on my phone and later view it on my tablet without ever having to manually copy anything.
Rules: Phone: sync only while plugged in. Tablet: Sync every 10m while on wifi.

Task Management:

Due Today ($3)
Due Today is a easy to use task/project manager utilizing the GTD ( model. It easily synchronizes with the web service, so I can keep my todo list/projects up to date on both my phone and tablet.
Rules: 1 hour sync, automatically sync when item is modified


And Bible
Open source bible which downloads bibles via crosswire. My uses consist of using the KJV (English), occasionally turning on the Strong’s numbers and looking up words
(Must install documents: English>Dictionary>[Strong’s Greek|Strong’s Hebrew] )
Personally I also install the Greek Byzantine NT for reviewing from time to time.


Google Talk
I can’t find a market link for this one, it came pre-installed on my tablet. This application is very useful on my tablet as it has the ability to access google talk for any of my associated google accounts, as well as support for video conferencing.

Google Voice
I recently migrated my phone number to google voice, so logically I install the google voice app on my phone and tablet, I can view/listen to voice messages as well as interact with text messages in the program on both devices. One of the cool features that Google Voice provides is voicemail transcription, you normally receive its best effort transcription via text message within a couple seconds of when a voicemail has been left.

SyncSMS ($3)
Before I started using Google Voice I was looking for a way to send text messages on my tablet. I discovered SyncSMS, which uses dropbox to keep my messages in sync. My phone still operates as normal, but every time I send/receive a new message SyncSMS will send a copy to my dropbox account, then when my tablet finds a new message it lists it in SyncSMS (tablet side). I can compose SMS messages to any of my contacts (previous or new messages) and upon “sending” the message is saved to dropbox, where my phone will then pick it up and send the outgoing text message. This does produce a slight delay depending on how long your refresh delay is, but it is highly worth the $3 to be able to type messages on my tablet’s keyboard.
(Note this slightly overlaps in functionality if you use Google Voice integration as you can use it to manage the text messages in the same manner.)

Social Media:

This crashes on my tablet when viewing my friends list, it’s rather irritating, I’m waiting for a fix.

Google Plus
I would love it if they implemented hangouts and supported video in the native client, I hear it works on gingerbread, but it’s a no go on my tablet.
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I prefer using TweetDeck over the native Twitter application due to its support for multiple accounts.

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